Form of Organization

Form of Organization

ASO ORig 2Republic of the PhilippinesASO Orig 1
ALPHA SIGMA OMEGA (Asian Student Organization)
Since 1962
Duly Registered in SEC


Date Established :

International:  July 17, 1962

Local: December 10, 1967

International – Harvard University
Locally Established – USC-CEBU, University of Mindanao and other Mindanao Areas

 Population: (Unofficial)
Not Less than 500 – Philippines

Source of Funds
General Fund

Alumnus – Php 100 Per Month or Php 1, 200 per year (national and District)

Collections are gathered based on the National and District . Contributing alumnus on national level direct 100% in national funds. Whereas, contributing alumnus on district level is 80% on then Disctrict and 20% goes to national funds.

Students – Php 50 Per Month

Collections are in the chapter level, which students are encouraged / inspired to contribute.  80% will proceed to Chapter and 20% for the Council.

Donations (covert)

SIGALAS –Sigmanians Alumni Association
An umbrella of Alpha Sigma Omega 1962 (Asian Student Organization) which coordinates the activities of its member organizations and works to protect their shared interests. Responsible  for the Sigmanians under its care, to some degree. SIGALAS arbitrate when found difficulties to carry out activities, when a sense of community  and support, public awareness exists and legality for the engaged actions is required.

Members are duly identified members of Alpha Sigma Omega 1962 (Asian Student Organization) duly certified and passed the Background Investigation as to Prescribed the By Laws and Rules and Regulations.

Officers of the SIGALAS composed of Fifteen (15) Members of the Board (including President, Vice President and Treasurer which voted among them).

COUNCIL/S – A students group of sigmanian who come to consult, deliberate and make decisions to their covered areas. Operate as representative of the whole sigmanians (student) for their covered areas. They collect and gathered information of each members.

Council is recognized bodies with Certificate of Recognition (duly submitted requirements) from the SIGALAS (National) to Form and Conduct Activities. Council must established with at least Three (3) chapters .

Note: Accredited Council thru District SIGALAS have Accreditation Number to Recognized and Allowed to use the  SEC Reg. No. !

Members are duly survived and accepted according to the Laws and regulations Alpha Sigma Omega 1962 (Asian Student Organization).

Officers of the Council are elected students among the members of the area.

Note: The SIGALAS (District) (National) may appoint Council President in some chances may occur which may delivered accordingly.

           Neo_logo_gfi_min  Chapter is a school based group sigmanians;  Headed by Grand Sigmanian with at least 15 members.

Operate and conduct activities according to the By laws and Rules and Regulations (Council). Note: Rules and Regulations must be followed according to the Approved General Rules



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