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Bank Account

It is agreed and approved by the Members of the Board thru Resolution No. 2017-004. Opening of Account is duly approved and be deposit at Bank of RCBC (Saving Bank). It is agreed that in two (2) years; “No Amount be Withdrawn” meaning all collection and donation that is directly deposited are prohibit to withdraw in any instances, whereas the officers and members may proposed other option for a chances.


In terms of monetary and financial aspects. Financial reports and Audited Reports will be  posted in  the WEBSITE. As well as the Bank Records (Passbook), Receipts and others financial matters.


Members of the Board of Sigmanians Alumni Association will conduct the monthly meeting which scheduled first week of the Month (April).  Three members of the Board suggested to open the following agenda:

  1. Orientation on ORGANIZATIONAL CHART (In Purpose who are in QUERIED and Willing to listen)
    1. Functions of the SIGALAS (NATIONAL / District) , Council and Chapter
    2. Mission and VISION
  2. Process of Accreditation
  3. Unification of Alpha Sigma Omega thru Sigmanians Alumni Association


  1. The Sigmanians Alumni Association believes that the Creation of Alpha Sigma Omega 1962 is structured in FIVE (5) AIMS
  2. The Sigmanians Alumni Association believes that the Alpha Sigma Omega should be uplift using the Proper Symbol and not by degrading by using non related symbol in the Organization.
  3. Re-Echo the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Initiation of Neophyte as per approved on Regional Meeting.
  4. Plan for the By Laws of Alpha Sigma Omega 1962 (Students) to be Open and Discussed on the  Conference Meeting to be Held at COMVAL tentatively scheduled on the Last Week of May 2017.  (Still Inviting representative of each area)

Note: Once the Members of the Board agreed. The Agenda and Activities will automatically  dessiminated. Thank you and God Bless SIGMANIANS.

Membership Application Form for SIGALAS

Membership Application Form for Students


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