Alpha Sigma Omega (Asian Student Organization) Since 1962

ASO ORig 2 Republic of the PhilippinesASO Orig 1

Alpha Sigma Omega

Asian Student Organization

Since 1962


Members of Alpha Sigma Omega 1962 is also known as SIGMANIANS. ASO is an Collegiate Organization originate / established in Harvard University, United States of America founded by among Asian Students and Spread all over Asia around 60’s as well as in Other western country to promote solidarity and AIMS and Goals of the Organization. The members contribute knowledge, ideas in belief of  strong in unity.

Sigmanians symbolized Phoenix and established in year 1962, well then the organization characterizes the Legendary Mystical Bird specifically in Immortalization, Once it dies, it is REBORN; much STRONGER than before.

Sigmanians CELEBRATES its Golden Year of existence both Local and International;. as it is recognized by the Philippine Government and following the Constitution of the Philippines. SIGALAS (SIGMANIANS Alumni ASSOCIATION) is officiated to administered student members in regulating the Rules and Regulation of the Organization.  SIGALAS monitor and ensure the members are following the AIMS and helps the community for being well citizen of the Country.

Currently, the main office of the SIGALAS located at General Santos City. Below are the recognized by the Laws and Constitution of the Philippines as Officers of the Alpha Sigma Omega:

Bro. Mark Junnies G. Narido – President – Grand Alumni (SIGALAS) National Level

Bro. Jether Abellar – Vice President – (SIGALAS) National Level

Board of Trustee (SIGALAS) National Level

BOT 1  Bro. Marjolie “Jhong” Liliar – Treasurerliliar

BOT 2  Bro. Greggie Ferrer

BOT 3 Bro. Engr. Ronnel Balalabalala

BOT 4 Sis Faye Telen faye

BOT 5 Bro. Jonathan Estrebilla

BOT 6  Bro. Antony Mulat

BOT 7 Bro. Marco Maranggamarangga

BOT 8 Bro. Arvin Alicayaalicaya


Cristopher Cosi – OIC-President – GENSAN Council cosi


District SIGALAS



Vice President



Members of the Board

Council President



Vice President



Members of the Board

Council President


Note: The Two District SIGALAS and COUNCIL are initially approved for Recognition and Honorary for the Benefits of the Organization.

Please be informed to submit the Final List of Officers for Posting. List of Active members are encourage for Profiling and National ID Number series assignment.


Thank you and God Bless Alpha Sigma Omega 1962


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