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Official Website of Alpha Sigma Omega 1962 (Asian Student Organization)

The Alpha Sigma Omega International Fraternity and Sorority, commonly known as Sigmanians, is a fraternity established in Harvard University in USA by Asian Students and spread by members in some areas of ASIA. In Philippines, July 17, 1962 is the date of Establishment as recognized by the members as by Recognized Founder nationality is Chinese. The Organization is using the Greek word ΑΣΩ (Alpha Sigma Omega) or Asian Student Organization, the fraternity is made up of men and women from different universities. Most of the members are from Mindanao. Alpha Sigma Omega offers services and opportunities to all undergraduate students and alumni.

By decade of existence in the Philippines, the Alumnus of the members established the SIGMANIANS Alumni Association. As by Recognized by the LAWS and CONSTITUTION of the Philippines. It is in the power and Authority to Administer the Activities and Transactions of the Alpha Sigma Omega 1962 Asian Student Organization. Whereas, councils must be recognized with Accreditation of the national Board/Officers to undergo recruitment and Activities.



In every Failure and Success of Everyone, There’s Always A man/woman who will bring the name Sigmanians

Community services

  1. Feeding Program
  2. Tree Planting
  3. Coastal Clean up
  4. Clean and Green Program
  5. Brigada Eskwela
  6. Volunteer to help at a charity auction
  7. Involvement and Partnership with Government and Non-Government Organization in Community Services

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